What Does an Electrician Do?

What Does an Electrician Do?

If you have ever wondered ‘what does an electrician do’ here are some of the reasons that you may need to call in an electrician when doing upgrades to your home.  Electricians are called in to do a variety of work, either in your home or in your commercial building, and all of it must be done correctly and up to local building codes.

Testing & Certification

Every electrical installation in the premises must be up to code and tested for safety, all electrical work should be done by a qualified local electrician.  Periodic inspections of the premises are a good idea to make sure that there had been no deterioration and that everything is still up to code.  Any electrical work that is done in your home must be certified to the standards of your state or municipality.

Our electricians are constantly being educated on the latest techniques and materials, along with the latest building regulations.  They are sent for training every year and their testing and certifications are kept up to date.  Any team that comes to do any electrical work in your home is fully licensed, insured and bonded so you can relax knowing the work will be done right.

Rewires & Wiring

There are many homeowners who take their electricity for granted, but older properties may need the wiring replaced by a licensed electrician.  It’s easy to forget about your wiring, after all everything works when you plug it in.  However the wires can become outdated and then it becomes a safety hazard.  Old wires can cause electric shocks and fires.  Here are just some of the reasons to have your wiring inspected and replaced if need be.

  • You currently have switches in the bathroom
  • There are sockets on the skirting
  • Green residue is found on the wiring
  • Wiring is covered in cotton
  • Rubber cables are black
  • The sockets are the round pin variety

Fusebox / Fuseboard Upgrades

To make sure that your home is safe and the electricity is in good order make sure that the fusebox is in good working order along with the wiring.  If you have just bought an existing home this is particularly important.  You may not be able to get homeowner’s insurance without having your fusebox inspected and replaced.  This is not something you should try doing on your own, you need an electrician to replace your fusebox.

Lighting Installations

New lights should be installed by a qualified electrician, both in your home and on commercial property.  While lighting can enhance the look and atmosphere of your home but your electrician can help you choose energy efficient lighting.  Your electrical contractor can also install security lights for greater security.  The same goes for garden and outdoor lighting.