Sticking to Your Bathroom Renovation Budget

Sticking to Your Bathroom Renovation Budget

The cost to renovate your bathroom can vary from a couple of hundred dollars on paint and fixtures to thousands of dollars to completely gut and redo the entire bathroom.  It is easy to let the spending on your upgrades get well out of hand but sticking to your renovation budget is important.  Here are some tips on keeping the spending under control.

Do It Right the First Time

Homeowners often think they are saving money by doing it themselves or getting friends to help.  This is a bad idea all the way around unless you are tradesmen yourself.  Aside from the sheer difficulty of finding a friend with the time to help you there is also the problem of them not knowing what they are doing.  Bathroom renovations need to be done properly or you will have huge problems later.  If you don’t know anything about waterproofing or tiling then leave it to a professional or you will end up spending more for them to fix your mess.

Don’t Change the Layout

Once you decide that you want to re-arrange the bathroom the costs are going to skyrocket, if it is not absolutely necessary then don’t do it.  Big changes like that mean bringing in a plumber and it will take that much longer to complete.  If you can manage to leave the tub, toilet and sink where they are you have saved yourself a fortune

Be Cautious What You Spend on Tiles

Tiles can transform a bathroom from blah to stunning, but tiles are also an easy way to go over budget.  Using a standard sizes tile will save you money, tiles that are over or undersized cost more and are harder to install.  Keep the tiles just to the areas that get wet, floor to ceiling tiles are also harder to install.  Yes, they will make the bathroom look bigger but that is going to come at a price.  Here are some tips on picking tiles for your bathroom.

Take a Minimalist Approach

Bathrooms are typically very small spaces so you don’t need every possible upgrade and accessory, less is definitely more.  Spend your money on high quality tiling and fixtures.  If you have too much stuff in your bathroom it just becomes overwhelming.  Only add a couple of accessories such as some luxurious towels or a beautiful mirror.   Remember stick to your budget!